Valeria Sesto, from Messi’s Land to the Land of Dracula

Brașov City is hosting the first world athletics championship ever organized in Romania! The 50KM World Running Championship takes place on September 1, 2019 in the town beneath Tâmpa.
Organized by IAU (International Organization of Ultra-running), together with the Romanian Federation of Athletics and with the support of Ministry of Youth and Sport, Brasov City Hall and the 50KM World Running Championship will bring to Brașov the strongest Ultra-runners of the moment.
Athletes from 30 countries representing all continents will arrive at this championship, and before the competition starts, the Romanian Athletics Federation will introduce you the most famous athletes who will run through the streets of Brașov.

Valeria Sesto is the only female athlete coming from Argentina to compete on September 1, 2019 at the 50KM World Championship in Brașov.
Born on December 17, 1972, Valeria specializes in long and very long races, with the best results.
The athlete who comes from the country of the famous footballer Lionel Messi holds the Argentine record in the 100KM race. In 2018, Valeria Sesto ran the distance of 100KM in 8 hours and 24 minutes, in Yorkshire, during the National Championship of Great Britain. For that matter, Valeria Sesto is the only runner in Argentina who has run 100KM in less than 9 hours!

This year, Valeria Sesto achieved a wonderful performance at the Endure 24 event in Reading (UK). The Argentine sportswoman ran a famous 20 laps of the five-mile route from Wasing Park (Reading) in 23 hours, 29 minutes and 11 seconds! At the start of the race there were 4000 athletes, but only five runners crossed the finish line. And among the five, only three completed the 100-mile route in less than 24 hours!
Right after the race, Valeria was amazed by the successful performance, especially as she is approaching the age of 47: “I can’t believe what I have achieved, especially since I am in a complex stage of my life. No one ever talks about what happens to competitive female athletes when they reach my age! It is quite difficult to find the words and describe the feelings you go through when you experience such a success”.

Together with Valeria, three more athletes from the country of the tango will also come to Romania to run at the 50KM World Championships in Brașov: Leandro Amaya, Nicolas Ternavasio and Leandro Vallejos.

The 50KM World Running Championship takes place on September 1, 2019 in the city beneath Tâmpa and is organized by the IAU (International Ultra-Running Organization), together with the Romanian Athletics Federation, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport and of the City Hall of Brașov and is co-financed by the Brașov County Council.

Alongside the organizers, there are their partners: Metropolitan Agency Brașov, Alpin Conference Centre, Universitatea Transilvania, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education Coresi; Hospice Casa Speranței, Coresi; sponsors (Spartan, Olea, Perskindol, Kinesis, Green Cola, Home Recovery, BLife, Rădăcini Motors) and media partners (Radio Romania Braşov, 100% Sport, NewsBV, BizBrașov, 24FUN, MixTV, Radio Brașov, Transilvania 365, Brașovul Tău, TV BV, Iubim Brașovul, Brașov Metropolitan, România Pozitivă, Infotrafic).

All information regarding the competition can be found on the website