Stošić Kristijan, the Serbian electrician who wants to impress during the marathon taking place in the city beneath Tâmpa.

Brașov City is hosting the first world athletics championship ever organized in Romania! The 50KM World Running Championship takes place on September 1, 2019 in the town beneath Tâmpa.

Organized by IAU (International Organization of Ultra-running), together with the Romanian Federation of Athletics and with the support of Ministry of Youth and Sport, Brașov City Hall and Braşov City Council, the  50KM World Running Championship will bring to Brașov the strongest Ultra-runners of the moment.
Athletes from 30 countries representing all continents will arrive at this championship, and before the competition starts, the Romanian Athletics Federation will introduce you the most famous athletes who will run through the streets of Brașov.

Serbia will be present at the 50KM World Championship in Brașov with a team of six athletes (three girls and three boys), and one of the interesting figures of the team from the neighbouring country is Kristijan Stošić.
At the age of 37, Kristijan comes to Brașov with great ambitions. The Serbian athlete hopes to make a more beautiful figure under Tâmpa, especially since in 2018 he was the winner of the 31st edition of the Belgrade Marathon.
An interesting thing to know would be that, in everyday life, Kristijan Stošić is employed at the National Road Company of Serbia as an electrician!
For the distance of 42.2 km (marathon), the P.B. of Kristijan Stošić dates from 2013, from Zagreb, when he obtained a time of 2:27:08.
This year, the Serbian athlete ran the Vienna Marathon, where he occupied the 26th position with a time of 2:29:21.

The 50KM World Running Championship takes place on September 1, 2019 in the city beneath Tâmpa and is organized by the IAU (International Ultra-Running Organization), together with the Romanian Athletics Federation, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport and of the City Hall of Brașov and is co-financed by the Brașov County Council.

Alongside the organizers, there are their  partners: Metropolitan Agency Brașov, Alpin Conference Centre, Universitatea Transilvania, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education Coresi; Hospice Casa Speranței, Coresi; sponsors (Spartan, Olea, Perskindol, Kinesis, Green Cola, Home Recovery, BLife, Rădăcini Motors) and media partners (Radio Romania Braşov, 100% Sport, NewsBV, BizBrasov, 24FUN, MixTV, Radio Brașov, Transilvania 365, Brașovul Tău, TV BV, Iubim Brașovul, Brașov Metropolitan, România Pozitivă, Infotrafic).

All information regarding the competition can be found on the website