The first world athletics championship in Romania (road running, ultramarathon) will be held in Brașov!

22.09.2018 A premiere in Romania! The 50km World Race Walking Championship will take place next year in Romania. The city of Brașov will host this world championship on September 1, 2019.

The path opened by Timișoara through the successful organization of the first European Athletics Championship in Romania (24-Hour European Championship) has made possible that another nomination from Romania receive the majority of the votes of the IAU council members.

The Romanian candidacy was accepted with enthusiasm, given the perfect organization of the European Championship held in Timișoara, about which IAU officials have declared that it was “the best organized European Ultrarunning Championship in history.”


The 50km World Race Walking Championship is an annual 50 kilometre ultrarunning competition, held worldwide, organized by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU). The competition made its debut in 2005 under the name IAU 50 km World Trophy. The competition was at that time the final point of the 50 km Challenge IAU circuit, runners qualifying on the basis of the performances recorded in one of the nine previous qualifying races. The winners were determined by the best aggregate time in the World Trophy race, plus the best time in the qualifying round.

The race departed from this format and the World Trophy was subsequently decided in a single race, this format continuing until 2014.

The first edition of the 50Km World Championships as we know it today, took place in Doha, Qatar, in December of 2015.


2019 Competition – Brașov

The IAU 50Km World Championships is organized by the Romanian Athletics Federation, with the technical and logistical support of the ultrarunners subcommittee, in collaboration with local authorities, and is under the patronage of IAU – International Association of Ultrarunners, partner of IAAF – International Association of Athletics Federations.

In Brașov, the 50Km competition will consist in running the 50 km distance in the shortest time possible and will take place on a 10Km loop, which competitors will have to cover 5 times. The route of the competition will run through the center of the city, thus creating an athletic event in which all residents can participate. Delegations from Japan, South Africa, the United States of America, and Argentina are expected, alongside European countries, which will contribute to a large-scale world championship.


“We are happy that, for the second consecutive year, we have succeeded in bringing to Romania a new international athletics championship. Romania has been increasingly visible and appreciated in the ultrarunning community and more and more ultrarunners wish to come to the competitions organized here.” Diana Amza, chairman of the organizing committee of the 2019 IAU 50Km World Championships.


More than 150 athletes from over 40 countries are expected in Brașov and the organizers’ expectations regarding the total number of participants rises to over 1000 persons.


Brașov, through the organizers of this important event and the local authorities, aspires to host a high quality World Championship to demonstrate that the city at the foot of Mount Tâmpa is an excellent location for organizing major athletic competitions.


“We have already shown that the openness of the Romanian Athletics Federation towards new branches of athletics, of which ultrarunning is one of the most important, has enhanced and will further enhance our visibility and raise the performance crossbar in our country. I can only notice with emotion that at the level of the IAU international council we are seen as an extremely serious partner, able to truly “deliver” all the promises of organizing a competition of this magnitude.” Florin Florea, President of the Romanian Athletics Federation.


The Mayor’s Office of Brașov has shown, from the very beginning, its openness towards organizing this 50km World Race Walking Championship, and the Romanian Athletics Federation wishes to thank them for their active involvement and support in organizing this important event for Brașov and for Romania.


This autumn, Brașov will welcome Mr Francisco Antonio Sanchez Rico – IAU General Coordinator (Project General Coordinator from IAU – International Association of Ultrarunners) and Mr Francisco Montanes Gomez – IAU Technical Delegate (Technical Delegate from IAU – International Association of Ultrarunners), who will make sure that the requirements imposed on the organizers of the 50Km World Race Walking Championship (September 1, 2019, Brașov) are met and that the championship will take place in excellent conditions.


Competitions in the new wave of athletic events (ultrarunning, mountain running etc.) are organized at a global level by a number of associations recognized as official partners of the IAAF – International Association of Athletics Federations. Thus, WMRA (World Mountain Running Association) is the organizer of international mountain running championships, AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) organizes numerous international road running championships, and IAU (International Association of Ultrarunners) organizes ultrarunning competitions.


About F.R.A.

The Romanian Athletics Federation has a long history, beginning in 1912 with the establishment of the Commission for athletics, track and field, and other contests, part of the Romanian Federation of Sporting Societies. This was followed by the establishment of the Romanian Athletics Federation (FRA), the 19th federation on the global list, and the affiliation to the IAAF, in 1923. Romania has numerous athletes who have been awarded the gold, silver, and bronze medals at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships in Athletics, and international competitions.