Olivier Roy-Baillargeon: “I will run in Brașov for my wife who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease!”

Brașov City is hosting the first world athletics championship ever organized in Romania! The 50KM World Running Championship takes place on September 1, 2019 in the town beneath Tâmpa.
Organized BY IAU (International Organization of Ultra-running), together with the Romanian Federation of Athletics and with the support of Ministry of Youth and Sport, City Hall of Brașov and Brașov County Council, 50KM World Running Championship will bring to Brașov the strongest ultra-runners of the moment.
Athletes from 30 countries representing all continents will arrive at this championship, and before the competition starts, the Romanian Athletics Federation will introduce you the most famous athletes who will run through the streets of Brașov.

Olivier Roy-Baillargeon comes from Canada and will run the 50KM World Championship with three other athletes: Calum Neff, Sanjay Sachdev and Catherine Royer.
Olivier Roy-Baillargeon is 33 years old and started running five years ago, as he himself states: “I started running quite late, five years ago, and I started going to ultra-marathons in 2017, when I accepted a friend’s invitation to compete in Montreal. I really liked to run long distances and I really feel good during competition. In 2018, I remember that I stopped during the race at kilometre 31 to hug my wife and to kiss my daughter – Camille (photo). Following these races, I received the invitation of the manager of the team of Canada to compete in Brașov, which honours and excites me”.

Olivier’s record for a marathon is 2:32:02, and the Canadian says his training program is a special one: “I train daily running between work and home, where my daughter waits for me, with whom I try to spend as much time as possible. I try to be an unofficial ambassador of healthy living and running among friends and co-workers everyday”.

Olivier Roy-Baillargeon has a strong motivation to get the best result in Brașov: “I will run as fast as I can in Brașov. I will run for my wife, Dominique, who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The disease is manifesting slightly for now. It has been around for two years, but it keeps her from running. While we, the runners, are struggling with training and competitions with the stopwatch, the people suffering from various diseases or with certain disabilities are fighting daily to overcome different barriers and live their lives as dignified as possible. Day after day, these people take on the challenges for at least as exhausting as running a marathon, without receiving any prize at the end. I consider my participation in this World Championship as a tribute to these people who may never be in the spotlight.”

“I am absolutely delighted with this opportunity and I am very eager to live this experience, which I am sure will change my life!”
Olivier Roy-Baillargeon

The 50KM World Running Championship takes place on September 1, 2019 in the city beneath Tâmpa and is organized by the IAU (International Ultra-Running Organization), together with the Romanian Athletics Federation, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport and of the City Hall of Brașov and is co-financed by the Brașov County Council.

Alongside the organizers, there are their partners: Metropolitan Agency Brașov, Alpin Conference Centre, Universitatea Transilvania, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education Coresi; Hospice Casa Speranței, Coresi; sponsors (Spartan, Olea, Perskindol, Kinesis, Green Cola, Home Recovery, BLife, Rădăcini Motors) and media partners (Radio Romania Braşov, 100% Sport, NewsBV, BizBrașov, 24FUN, MixTV, Radio Brașov, Transilvania 365, Brașovul Tău, TV BV, Iubim Brașovul, Brașov Metropolitan, România Pozitivă, Infotrafic).

All information regarding the competition can be found on the website www.brasov50km.com.