5 reasons why you should run the Open Race Brasov 50km

Our desire was to turn the IAU 50km World Championships, which will take place in Brasov on the 1st of September 2019, into a great sports festival, full of life and energy.

In addition to the Championships, we are organizing the Open Race Brasov 50km, open to amateur and professional runners alike, whether they are registered in a sports club or not, who want to test their stamina and speed on a 50 km distance.

Why should you join such a race? In addition to the benefits which are also provided in other competitions – T-shirt, medal, photos, medical assistance etc., Open Race Brasov 50km has several special elements:

  1. You run on a route measured and approved by the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF), completely closed for traffic, which goes through the heart of Brasov. So, if you live in Brasov, you have the chance to admire your city from a different perspective, and, if not, this is the perfect “excuse” for a weekend spent in the mountains, at the foot of Mount Tampa. Moreover, the results of the participants in the Open Race will be registered in the international leaderboards.
  1. You live the experience of a world ultrarunning competition, organized as a premiere in Romania, at high standards, with consideration for the participants’ needs. The event is monitored and supervised by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU), which will check compliance with the quality, safety and protocol elements.
  1. You get inspiration and energy from top world athletes who compete in the Championships and by whose side you will be running also, as this is a joint route. Delegates from Japan, Taipei, Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, as well as from European countries such as Germany, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, or Austria have announced their participation.
  1. You enjoy a vivacious atmosphere, filled with the support and encouragement of a great number of diligent volunteers, specially trained to provide professional support.
  1. If you have run marathons before and you now want to go for more, this competition is perfect for the passage to the world of ultrarunning. The 50km distance is accessible for a marathoner, but, at the same time, it challenges you to go even further in exploring your physical and mental endurance. The ultrarunning phenomenon may just suit you and make you want to raise the stakes: a 24-hour running race, for instance 🙂

We, the organizing team, contribute a lot of passion and professionalism in this event, out of the desire to provide an unforgettable experience to all participants. We do, however, believe that the success of such a competition is prompted, to a great extent, by the runners, due to their fair play, smiles, mutual encouragement and a friendly, open attitude. We therefore urge you to adhere to these values; you will thus contribute to the success of the competition.

We are looking forward to seeing you, so that we may write a successful story of ultrarunning in Romania, as well as all over the world!

Registrations are open online, until the 15th of August 2019, within the limit of 200 participants.

Please read the Regulation of the competition carefully.