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Find out all the details on the 50KM World Race Walking Championship course. Don’t miss out and find the perfect seat in time to see the performance!



Volunteers are one of the building blocks of a successful championship. Find out how you can join us in Brașov!

About IAU 50KM World Championships

In 2019, the IAU 50km World Championships will be held in the heart of Romania, in Brașov, and will be organized by the Romanian Athletics Federation (FRA), in collaboration with the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU)



Sign up for the open race!

If you want to compete with the most powerful race walkers of the moment, sign up for the open race! Hurry, spots are limited!

The World Championships in numbers

  • 200 world athletes

  • 200 runners in the open race

  • Over 100 volunteers

  • 150 officials



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